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Mrs. Monk's Would-be Diary, should have been written by Mrs. Monk, since she is the "Writer" in the family.
However, since she is a writer only in the conceptual sense, I have undertaken to fill these pages on her behalf.
If not by her, these pages will certainly be about her, and other important matters of the day

Leslie Monk, the long suffering.

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24 May 04
Rufus Is A Tit Man ? Discuss
Rufus Wainwright concert at the Royal Festival Hall.
We bought the last tickets available for this concert.
Rufus plays pianos and sings. Piano players always face the side of the stage and since we had cheap seats which were in the galley along the sides, we might have got lucky and had the best view in the house, but no, we were on the wrong side and had a two hour view of the back of his head.
Quick Run-down on the Wainwright Dynasty.
Grandfather: Loudon Wainwright II, journalist
Father: Loudon Wainwright III singer songwriter, hailed the new Bob Dylan, in the 70s, specialised in sardonic songs usually autobiographical, often bitter, always amusing. LW III scattered wild oats, producing Rufus Wainwright with backing singer Kate McGarrigle, and other siblings with other liaisons with other backing singers. Source material for many of his songs, including "Rufus is a Tit Man" LW III cast in role as absent father: thus more source material for songs by LW III, Rufus and sister Martha, (There's another story)
Kate and sister Anna Kate McGarrigle recorded at least one essential album. (The debut album called simply, Kate and Anna Kate McGarrigle )
Tonight's concert opened with the entire surviving family, but for Dad, singing "Its Only Love", but when they all harmonised on Dad's song "One man Guy" Mrs Monk's started with the blubbing.
Rufus was the star of the evening, His voiced filled the hall with ease, and his rapport with the audience was palpably warm albeit out-of -closet camp.
Next week, we will see his conspicuously hetero dad in the same venue, when we don't expect to see so many pink punters. Rufus filled the hall. Loudon has not yet sold out.
The master returns.
16 Jun 04
Loudon Wainwright iii

25 July 04
Rufus and Mrs Monk
Sister in Law, Polly and niece Mary are here to visit us and we take them on the usual excursions.
Tate Modern:
Mrs Monk decided that she would get two tickets on my Tate members card for the Edward Hopper Show, and that Polly and 13 year old Mary can pass themselves of as Mr and Mrs Monk. They might have got away with it, but Polly was right to notice that they were checking the tickets, as you entered and she did not want the ignominy of public exposure of an attempted fraud. It is decided that the real Mr Monk, me, would escort Mary into show. And that Polly and Mrs Monk would do lunch.
I do my best to make Edward Hopper interesting to Mary, but the feedback was not exhilarating.
We head for the exit, and beyond the exit door is an espresso bar where Mrs Monk and Polly were sitting at a table.
Mrs Monk beckoned us over and introduced me to an old friend, with whom she was engaged in conversation. It was Rufus Wainwright.
It seems that Polly had the impression that Rufus was our neighbour since Mrs Monk was so familiar with him.
Rufus also seemed to think that he must, somehow have known Mrs Monk, but could not remember how come.
Only when I appear, slightly aghast, does Mrs Monk explain that I have had a long-standing interest in his father's work. (But not his, necessarrily?) and that we were just another couple of old fans.
It must have depressed this young musician to have such an old fan base sample that we represented.
After a few words we said our goodbyes and Mrs Monk apologised for bothering him. He demured and laughed nervously. 13 year old Mary and 55 year Polly were still wondering who this good lucking guy was.
Mrs Monk asked him if he was using toner, as we parted company.
30-Jul 2004
5 Days ago, 13 year old Mary had no idea who Rufus Wainwright was, now she has heard all three albums and knows all the words and knows all the tunes.
30- Jul. 2004
Delivered work to the office today. Desert Island discs was playing on the office radio. Someone had chosen Kate and Anna McGarrigle's, Heart Like A Wheel.
During the course of the day I also listened to Radio 2 coverage and LWIII who was interviewed from the Cambridge Folk Festival, and also later heard a Ned Sherrin interview with Rufus on Loose Ends.
Rufus was obliged by NS to recall the Rolling Stone row with his father when he publicly rebuked his father by declaring that he was only being interviewed by RS, because Loudon just happened to be related to Rufus.
Ned loved the gay rancour of it all.